RJM Consulting offers answers to some of the frequently asked questions

Learn how RJM Consulting can integrate into your business and save you money

Why use a financial consultant or manager?

In today’s competitive business world, companies cannot afford to operate without financial leadership or they potentially miss out on the opportunity to maximize their growth potential. We offer affordable and experienced financial experts who develop growth strategies to strengthen your business.

How can I receive an estimate for your services?

Simple! Just call us at 206-849-1058 to set up an informational meeting. We’re happy to come to your office at no cost to determine your needs. Not a fan of the phone? No worries fill out our online contact form and we’ll have a representative get in touch to set up an appointment. After our initial meeting, RJM Consulting will make a recommendation on how we can best service your business and offer a strategy for moving forward within your budget.

Are your services hourly or fixed?

We typically charge on an hourly basis, but some of our services can be bid on flat fee schedule. We look at the depth and scope of each assignment individually and this will be discussed at the initial consultation meeting.

Is my information confidential?

Confidentiality is the most important piece of the puzzle. We hold our employees to the highest standards and lay our reputation on the line to ensure the strictest confidentially with our clients.

What size companies benefit from a service like yours?

Our services are most beneficial to business’ generating between $1 million – $25 million dollars per year in revenue. We also take into consideration: industry, number of employees, current growth strategy, financial debt standing and various additional factors to best measure value for your business.

Will your services cost as much as a full time employee in a similar position?

We are generally a fraction of a salary package for a full time staff position. Our work is charged on an hourly basis so you only pay for hours we work on your account, and you do not pay other costs associated with a full time staff position such as taxes, vacation, benefits, etc..

Do you work at our office or your own?

We’re flexible. We work with you to design a program that meets your needs and objectives in the ever changing fast paced world of business.