Financial Planning and Development

RJM Consulting creates robust financial plans for the future, allowing for uncertainties and makes modifications without reinventing the wheel.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is essential to planning for your prosperous financial future. At RJM Consulting we look at your short and long-term goals to develop effective strategies to reach your goals. Successful financial planning depends on detailed analysis of present situations before engaging in future opportunities.

Constructive solutions for maximizing profitability and efficiency.

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting involves the collection, analysis, summary and presentation of the financial health of a business to management. RJM Consulting provides constructive solutions for maximizing your business’ profitability and efficiency.

  • Implementation of monthly, internal financial reporting processes.
  • Design and implementation of accounting policies and procedures, including hiring and training accounting staff.
  • Assistance to non-accounting management in understanding financial reports.
  • Liaison between executive management and investment bankers in mergers and acquisitions transactions.
  • Treasury Management
  • Crisis Management