Chief Financial Officer and Controller Services

The core of RJM Consulting services is our ability to provide financial leadership and strategic financial management.

RJM Consulting and your success

RJM Consulting works to create visibility into cash flow and operating metrics so you can make more informed operational decisions and understand the impact they have on the financial health of your business. We offer timely, accurate and relevant data with the expertise to interpret analyze and make actionable recommendations based on factual data. Additionally, we provide direction on regulatory compliance issues, treasury management and cost control.

Having a resource with foresight and vision into cash flow, debt analysis, accounts receivable aging and profitability, is imperative to the short-term success of your business.

Understanding the role of the CFO

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is one of the most fundamental roles in your organization, focusing on business development as well as the business community. The CFO works closely with the CEO, board, executive leadership and operations management. Providing insights, trend analysis and guiding the strategic direction of your business is the goal of the CFO.

Understanding the role of the Controller

The Controller is quite often thought of as the chief operational accounting expert, however should not be confused with the role of a bookkeeper. The principal function of the Controller is to operate and maintain the books and records of the business, looking at data already generated and report to the CFO or CEO on major matrix analysis. Working under the leadership of the CFO, the Controller also supports standard operating procedures for all accounting and bookkeeping functions.