RJM Consulting Services

Services That Solve Business Challenges

RJM Consulting understands every client is unique. We work with you to resolve challenges and make your business stronger and more successful.

Bookkeeping Services by RJM Consulting

We are troubleshooting pros up for any challenge, we believe in taking a personalized approach to manage your financial and accounting requirements.

Business Planning & Development Services

Utilizing effective strategic business planning tools to enable smooth and productive change, focusing on objectives, goal development, implementation and accountability.

Chief Financial Officer and Controller Services

Having a resource with foresight and vision into cash flow, debt analysis, accounts receivable aging and profitability, is imperative to the short-term success of your business.

Financial Planning and Development

Creating robust financial plans for the future and constructive solutions for maximizing your business’ profitability and efficiency.

Tax Services by RJM Consulting

Providing tax research and analysis for businesses in diverse industries. RJM Consulting works with both strategic and tactical elements to ensure compliance with regulatory deadlines.