Owner and Founder RJM Consulting

Meet Ryan McNamara

Ryan McNamara is motivated by a single-minded focus: to make a positive, meaningful change in his client’s business.

As the founder of RJM Consulting, Ryan has provided financial, accounting and general business consulting services to Puget Sound based companies. Having begun his career in Wisconsin, Ryan relocated to the Seattle area in 2007 and has since been involved in bettering companies in nearly every industry in financial and accounting consulting, while taping into his keen business sense to facilitate and develop strong business strategy.

Motivated by his devotion to business, Ryan rallies daily to deliver an innovative, impactful solution promoting a diverse range of clients including Fortune 100 companies, private equity firms and non-profits.

Professionally, Ryan has exposure with financials on a global scale, having worked with several successful startup firms, large scale manufacturing, healthcare and distribution firms. His multi-talents for accounting have been shared with small privately owned businesses as well as large publicly traded companies, and private equity firms, but his true passion is working directly with owners to help them achieve their business goals.

Ryan is the man. No really. He recognizes the importance of timely financial reports, providing owners and managers the information they need to make good business decisions. Ryan has single handedly developed operating metrics, budgets and forecasts to effectively plan and measure performance for his clients.

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